Premium Telegram Group

Rules // Legal Coverage

Signing up to KMW is an automatic indication you understand, accept & have read the T&C of being a partof KMW.

KMW is not legal/ financial advise

Any winnings or losses are not a direct result of a member following advise of KMW. KMW are not responsible for any loss of earnings, debt, loans, or things traded or sold in order to gamble.

KMW is not gambling/betting advice.

The tipster & co KMW are not legally, morally or financially liable forthe participation of any of it’s members gambling, deciding to gamble, or participating in gambling.

The Founders of KMW do not financially benefit from ANY promoted gambling/ betting hosted companies – ie 365/

Albeit members might use very popular sites, as having seen them on the telegram group, KWM is not associated professionally, nor does it gain financially from it’s members gambling, taking tips, or following bets on the platforms (as is odds)as shared on the group.

Nor is it financially responsible for any loses a member might experience on any of the platforms mentioned by KMW

Please Gamble Responsibly

No players under the age of 21 are allowed to enter the subscription channel. Anyone seen to promote/ share or seen to be encouraging members under 21 to gamble will be immediately removed from the group.

If you are struggling please seek professional advise.

KMW is not associated with any professional team/ coach/ league.

All tips / advice / bets mentioned in the group are purely from a place of experience and knowlegde, love, and analysis of the sports. KMW are not associated with any professional teams nor do they benefit financially from any wins/ losses of specific fixtures, outside of the financial gains of their own tips.

Sports Betting is for fun. Never bet beyond your means/ go all in/ follow the advice of any one specific person. When the fun stops. Stop.

General// FAQ’s

How many tips can I expect week- week?

Our premium group averages 4-5 quality tips a week. Up to 25 per month. Some weeks may have more some may have less.

Our Royal channels averages a minimum of 50 tips per month. Some days will have more or less than others.

After I’ve paid for the subcription, how do I join?

You will recieve an email to the address you gave up upon payment, once your application has been accepted, you will get a link to our private telegram & request your telegram user name so our admin can let you in.

Please be sure to write the correct email upon payment/ and your telegram username.

Will I be reminded before the end of my free trial?

Yes! You will recieve a telegram message & an email the day before & day off your last trial day. We do not save card details so we will not automatically charge you for the month you will just be removed from the telegram group, if you forget to pay/ reply/ no longer want to continue.
Make sure to save to your mailbox contacts!

I’m confused about the betting strategy can I get some advice?

Of course, once you’ve joined you’ll also be given a telegram number/ name who you can contact any time for support// technical support for placing, staking or any other issues you may have.

You can also send us an email at any time, or speak to fellow members in our open chat lounge.