Below are the statistics for our Royal Channel on Telegram, for the month of August, 2022.

DateFixtureRoyal TipUnitOddTotalWins/ LossesW/L/GB
08/29/2022Guatemala League GFC vs B0-0 Handicap Home21.9253.851.85Win
08/27/2022Brasil League2nd Goal31.85.42.4Win
08/26/2022Finland League 1-0 Handicap Away +1.531.85.42.4Win
08/23/2022Bet Builder England (2)
08/23/2022Austria Regional Liga XoxenemaCorner Away 3
08/22/2022Saudi Arabia 0-0 Handicap 11.851.85/GB
08/22/2022Guatemala Segunda CSD 1-1 Handicap Home21.93.81.8Win
08/20/2022France Nacional 2 2-1 Handicap Home12.052.051.05Win
08/20/2022France Nacional 22nd Goal
08/20/2022Non League England 0-0 Handicap Away
08/20/2022Denmark 3 0-2 Handicap Home 1.51.852.7750.15Win - Cash Out
08/14/2022Costa Rica FC2nd Goal Home133-1Loss
08/14/2022Croatia NK U193-2 Handicap 0.02.525/GB
08/13/2022FinLand 1-0 Handicap Away1.61.953.12-1.6Loss
08/11/2022Argentina B0-1 Handicap Home21.853.7GB
08/10/2022RSD Friendlies 2nd Goal0.932.71.8Win
08/10/2022RSD Friendlies 0-1 Handicap 21.753.51.5Win
08/10/2022Brasil Rio 1st Goal 12.22.2-1Loss
08/09/2022Liga MX Femenil Handicap -0.2541.957.8-2Half Loss
08/07/2022Brasil U 20 League2-1 Handicap 21.953.91.9Win
08/07/2022Chile CDSE2nd Goal1.92.13.992.09Win
08/07/2022Chile CDSE 1st goal
08/07/2022Malaysia K19 League0-4 Handicap0.91.851.665/GB
08/07/2022Nicaragua Savv0-1 Handicap 0.0 1.81.9753.5551.755Win
08/06/2022USVS Austria 0-1 Handicap Home1.41.92.661.26Win
08/06/2022Argentina League0-0 Handicap Away31.8255.4750.3Cash Out
08/06/2022Poland League0-0 Handicap Away1.21.7252.070.87Win
08/01/2022Matagalpa FC 1-0 Handicap Away2.31.854.2551.955Win