Below are the statistics for our Royal Channel on Telegram, for the month of October, 2022.

DateFixtureW/L/GBRoyal TipOddUnitWins/ Losses
10/31/2022NBA Bucks vs PistonsWinOverall Points 1.8321.66
10/30/2022Argentina LeagueLossCorners 7 Home3.250.8-0.8
10/30/2022Super League GreeceLossCorners 7 Home5.50.4-0.4
10/30/2022Spain League 3WinFull time result away1.751.30.975
10/29/2022Guatemala Loss0-0 Handicap +1 Away2.0251.3-0.7
10/28/2022Spain League 3Loss0-0 Handicap 0.0 Away 2.31-1
10/28/2022Brasil BasketballWinOverall points Home 1.8310.83
10/27/2022Europa League Win First 7 Corners1.8310.83
10/25/2022NBA Dallas WinTrey Player Points1.951.81.71
10/23/2022Costa Rice Women Win0-1 Handicap 0.0 Home1.9751.71.6575
10/23/2022Paso Founto Loss1st Goal Away2.51-1
10/23/2022Super League GreeceLossCorners 7 home31-1
10/23/2022Turkey League 3Loss2nd Goal Away Team60.4-0.4
10/23/2022Spain League 3GB0-2 Handicap Home2.41.2
10/22/2022Mexico SegundaWinHalf time win Home2.211.2
10/22/2022Portugal U19 League .Loss2nd Goal Away Team2.61-1
10/22/2022South Africa LeagueWinCorners 7 Home2.111.1
10/22/2022Zambia Win1st Goal Home Team1.831.20.996
10/22/2022Turkey U19 LeagueGB1st Goal Away3.40.80
10/22/2022Thailand FCGB1st Goal Away 2.610
10/22/2022South Africa AM B'Loss2-0 Handicap Away1.751-1
10/19/2022Spain Copa de ReyWinHalftime home win2.620.91.458
10/19/2022El Salvador ReservesLoss2nd Goal Away2.051-1
10/18/2022Philipeans Basketball WinOverall points
10/17/2022Brasil U20 Win1st Goal Away1.81.20.96
10/17/2022Ruanda APR vs Polis Win1-0 Handicap +0.5 1.821.6
10/17/2022China Basketball WinPoints Overall +10.51.9510.95
10/16/2022Costa Rica WomenWin CO0-0 Handicap +0.5 Home21.20.12
10/16/2022Spain League 3 GB0-0 Handicap +1 Away1.8753
10/16/2022Spain U19 LeagueGB3-1 Handicap 0.0 Away1.9752.2
10/16/2022Spain U19 LeagueLoss1-1 Handicap 0.0 Away1.851.3-1.3
10/15/2022Costa Rica Second LeagueGB1-0 Handicap +1 Away1.9251.7
10/15/2022Perolas vs PantouanoGB1-0 Handicap 0.0Away2.0251.5
10/15/2022Perolas vs PantouanoLossCorners first to 9 60.5-0.5
10/15/2022Brasil U20 LeagueLoss1st Goal Away Team3.11-1
10/15/2022Senegal League 2 GB0-0 Handicap Away 0.01.851.2
10/15/2022Norrort vs BBKLossOverall Points Away1.831.2-1.2
10/15/2022Portugal U19 LeagueLoss1-0 Handicap 0.0Away1.9251-1
10/14/2022Austria Landesilga GBDraw no bet 2.11.4
10/14/2022Uganda Basketball LeagueWinOverall Points Home1.91.51.35
10/13/2022Man U vs Omonia WinCorner First to 920.80.8
10/13/2022Berathategi II vs Lujan IIWin1st Goal Home1.910.9
10/12/2022Visakha vs Phnom PenhWin2-0 Handicap 0.0 Away1.7751.71.3175
10/12/2022Visakha vs Phnom PenhGB1-0 Handicap 0.0 Away2.051
10/10/2022Norway League 3Loss1-0 Handicap +0.5 Away1.851.3-1.3
10/09/2022RSD Alcala vs Las RosasLoss2nd Goal Home1.651-1
10/09/2022Aris vs PanathinaikosLossPlayer Point JD1.760.9-0.9
10/08/2022Buake vs DengueleWinHandicap 1-0 Away2.211.2
10/08/2022Nova Cidade vs Duke de Caxias GBAsian Handicap 0-0, +1.01.7751
10/08/2022Greece Super LeagueWinCorner Handicap -
10/06/2022Omonia vs Manchester UnitedLossOver Corner 1.950.8-0.8
10/05/2022Preston vs West BromWinCorner Handicap
10/05/2022Sevilla vs NdortmundLossCorners 0.61.93-1.9
10/02/2022Almyros Gaziou vs ElassonWin2nd Goal Home1.831.61.328
10/02/2022Bertoula vs LavalWinHandicap 1-0 Away1.851.31.105
10/01/2022Artsul U20 vs Cambodia U20LossHandicap 0-1 Home1.7252-2
10/01/2022Granada vs Manresa WinUnder Player rebounds1.711.81.278